Bad Kleinkirchheim: piste guide

Extent of the slopes

BKK’s main home slopes are reached by lifts from two different parts of the village. A two-stage gondola goes up to the area’s high point, Kaiserburg, at one end of the ski area, where a couple of T-bars serve the highest slopes. And a fast quad takes you to the other end of the mountainside at Maibrunn. Pistes go down from both peaks to the gondola mid-station, where a double chair takes you to above Maibrunn.

From the same end of the village as the Maibrunn quad, successive old double chairs and a drag take you up the other side of the valley to the Nockalm slopes, which link in with St Oswald’s slopes further along the valley. This area can also be accessed by a gondola midway between BKK and St Oswald, which can be reached by ski-bus. At St Oswald a gondola goes up to Brunnach, at the far end of the shared ski area.